Highroller is pure adrenalin, Highroller is fascination, Highroller is thrill, Highroller can win record profits, Highroller are professional gamblers, Highroller can lose everything! Gambers who operate with extremely high stakes, are called Highroller. One of their favorite casinos is the Grand Casino Baden in Switzerland. It is locatedabout 20 km northwest of Zurich and is a  poker Mecca . There are almost daily poker tournaments . The Grand Casino Baden is located in the Kursaal of Baden, a listed building built in 1875. All classic games, American Roulette, French Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, Poker and Punto Banco are offered there.

Highroller love the Grand Casino Baden, because it allows the highest stakes in Europe. (Except for individual arrangements, which are possible in several casinos in Europe, however, these sums must be set directly. It is not permissible to increase to this agreed, increased maximum eg by a martingale system) Occasionally, gamblers in the Grand Casino Baden also achieve record profits.

The German Highroller Maurizio K. from Bad Homburg won in three days the enormous amount of 2.15 million francs. At his highest single win he won with a stake of 30,000 francs – 582,000 francs. He bet 4,000 francs on the number 8 and bet 26,000 francs on the lines (Chevaux) around the number. And – the 8 fell. Also for Germans all casino winnings in Switzerland are tax-free (only the casinos pay a tax rate on their overall result at the end of a year). Maurizio K. could to take his spectacular wins back to Bad Homburg.

Also in Casino Duisburg scored a Highroller a record-breaking win. On 16.02. an Asian businessman won a record win of  € 300,000 . First he won smaller prizes at the slots and then moved to the roulette tables. Within just three hours, he won the impressive amount of € 300,000 in the classic game. To the delight of the staff, he showed himself generous and gave a big tip.

For me it is a pleasure to watch someone risking record money and winning. But always be aware. Only set high sums if you can afford it. It is an enormous risk for your entire existence. Casino Bonus-online.