Whether in blackjack or poker – there are cheaters! Las Vegas casinos invest millions (monthly) to expose cheaters and their tricks. In poker, every cheater steals the money of his teammates. And unfortunately, attempted poker has almost become a standard. Statistically – in a 10-player poker round there are at least 3 who are looking for fraudulent ways to gain advantage. Any clue as to how these cheats can work will help you to unmask or at least undermine crooks.  Identifying arrangements among cooperating gamblers is extremely difficult if you do not often play with the same players. This includes in particular, the „Hand-Mucking“, in which there are two players who sit side by side, somehow manages to exchange the cards.

Especially in the privately organized poker rounds are often people who generate their profits with simple card tricks! I’ll show you the most common ones. Poker fraud can and must be stopped. If you focus exactly on the respective dealer and his hand movements you will reduce a successful fraud enormously, even by a cheater with quick and skilled fingers. A poker round usually takes hours and hours. Each player goes through a cycle that involves periods of lack of concentration and tiredness. Something is the same with all card tricks; The cheater will always wait for these times or will try to direct your attention to something else at the moment he begins to cheat. (The dealer uses his second hand to place players‘ bets or move another item on the table, such as a glass.)

Basic technique is peeking. Peeking is already used in the card shuffling and is often supported by reflective clocks or special rings (ringshiner).

The mechanic´s grib – some cards are kept hidden in the hand. The dealer covers the cards with his left palm, holding his thumb on top and the rest of his fingers on the opposite long side. On the card side which is furthest ahead, the cheaters then lead their fingers along. This allows them to cover up the cards they are hiding in the other hand.

Base dealing – the dealer hands out the cards himself from the bottom of the stack.

Second dealing –hand out the second card from above to all players and then gives himself the top one (usually an ace).

The Switch – The dealer manages to switch the entire stack. The cards are shuffled so that each player receives excellent cards and the dealer receives the monster. In this way the dealer maximizes his profits.

Electric chair – the deadliest variant! The entire table – with the exception of one player – acts together so that an unsuspecting victim loses all his money. Unfortunately happens again and again. Casino Bonus online