We want to support you in your game be it „Online“ or „Life“!  Helping you to find the optimal games and casinos, but of course never drive into a gambling addiction. Especially at the beginning it is important for us to point out the potential risks of gambling addiction .

The addiction begins when you think about the possibility to raise money for the necessary „starting capital“ for your game. You’ve tried several times to resist your gameplay and failed every time.. For your friends and family members you hide your game, and  trust that these close people will provide you with the necessary funds for existing debts or a „last game“. It is especially dramatic when your game serves to distract you from problems, depression, fears, feelings of guilt or you are incapable or have the unwillingness to accept your reality and flee into the dream world of gambling.

Then you are certainly one of the gambling addicts. This  player careers are divided into three phases, which are called by the psychologists as winning, loss making and despair phases.

Winning phase

  • Random game
  • A larger or several smaller profits
  • Positive excitement before and during the game
  • Unrealistic optimism
  • Build up  wishful thinking
  • More frequent game
  • Always set larger amounts

Loss making phase

  • Trivialization of losses
  • Boasting with profits
  • Losses seem to be covered by profits
  • More frequent game alone
  • More frequent thinking about the game
  • First major losses
  • Concealment and lies about losses
  • Neglect of family and friends
  • Dealing with the game during working hours
  • Inclusion of debts and loans
  • Inability to withstand the game

Despair phase

  • Legal and illegal money raising campaigns
  • Delay in debt repayment
  • Changes in personality structure: irritability, irritation, restlessness, sleep disorders
  • Completely social withdrawal
  • Complete alienation from family and friends
  • Loss of social situation and prosperity
  • Exclusive use of time and money for the game
  • Hours and hours playing
  • Pangs of conscience and panic reactions
  • Hatred towards other (especially winning) players
  • Hopelessness, suicide thoughts or attempt

Gambling is a progressive disease that can rarely be cured, but stopped. Addicts will never succeed if they are not honest with the realities of their condition. Casino Bonus-Online