Almost all poker players are getting their first experience in one of the countless online poker casinos, like  Slotwolf Casino, Oshi Casino, Lady Hammer Casino, N1 Casino. Online casinos are constantly expanding their offering of online poker cash games, online poker tournaments, online poker casino bonus and attractive qualifying rounds for poker live tournaments

Many who have previously been successful in online poker now want to prove their talent in live casino poker. Always important if you are playing poker – online casino or live casino – is your table image!

Your image influences and controls the behavior of humans being around you. If your image is not important for you, this is honorable, but it should not be transferred to your poker game.

Poker is and remains a game in which you never know all the information, especially not the cards of your opponent. You’ll need to add factors that match the dynamics of poker and have nothing to do with the poker cards. One very important factor is the table image. It is not whether you’re wearing cool eyewear. It’s about what other poker players are thinking about your poker play.

As soon as some hands are played, a first idea of the opponent is already created. This can already be called table image. If the poke player stays true to his playing style throughout the game, it is not difficult to read him.

The first classification for the table image is „loose“ and „tight“.  If you play many hands they will call you „loose“. I you play rather few hands or only with high pocket cards, they will call you „tight“.

Next categorization is whether the poker player is more aggressive or passive, which in the combination is called „tight-aggressive“ or „loose-passive“ (respectively „loose-aggressive“ or „tight-passive“). A „loose-passive“ player for example will often only pay before the flop and fold his hand on the flop if he has not matched perfect.

Other criteria for the table image are – is the gamer tricky and constantly trying to disguise the strength of his hand or is he playing pretty straightforward and straight. Is he a casual player or a poker player willing to take great risks and play many speculative hands. All of this should be registered and assisted you in developing an idea of ​​your opponents. Never project your style of play to your opponents. It is very rare that an opponent is thinking on the same way about the game as you do.

The goal is not to create a true table image or to switch it to your advantage. In professional poker, the opponents‘ ways of playing are well analyzed in advance of a game. This is done with the help of past games, which are closely monitored. In this case the opponents have an image, before you ever played against them.

An inscrutable table Image is also an advantage for newcomers to poker and one of the reasons why they can even win the main event of the poker tournaments in Las Vegas.

The gaming style of tournament poker newbies could not be analyzed and on the other hand, they often play very uncontrollably and are therefore difficult to assess. Should a newcomer be able to make this style to his own, successful poker strategy, it would be ideal. In reality, it’s more of a chaotic poker game. With luck, this can sometimes help to win a tournament, but in the long run they have no chance vs. top trained poker pros and will lose their money. Casino Bonus