Dungeon: Immortal Evil is a game designed for players who want more. More than the flat 2D slots that dominate today’s market, and more than the traditional videogame experience. It is a title created with a new generation of players in mind – players who want to enjoy a uniquely immersive entertainment experience without compromising the classic thrill of winning cash prizes.

In an increasingly crowded market, it is more important than ever to stand out from the pack. To be effective, content must tap seamlessly into the mindset of an emerging demographic of player: those who blur the distinction between igaming, gaming and entertainment.

Queue Dungeon: Immortal Evil, the industry’s first RPG (role playing game) inspired slot where high-quality videogame immersion and traditional slot gameplay combine to make for an action-packed thriller. Created by Evoplay Entertainment, the innovative development studio, it a complex and multilevel game that is fully 3D and HD enabled.

The title follows our hero’s epic adventure through an ancient mountain temple, vanquishing monsters in its corridors along the way. Every spin brings a brand new journey through a different level with a random number of enemies and a mystery loot-based outcome. Each monster has an RNG-determined reward equal to money, so the game retains all the anticipation and suspense of a traditional slot with an added RPG twist.

To unlock Bonus Achievements, players must battle their way through a number of Dungeon spaces, defiantly combatting a series of enemies eventually leading to the final level Boss. In short, it presents a war between good and evil featuring a heroic warrior locked in a death-defying clash with Satan’s most terrifying accomplices.  

New platforms for new audiences

Adapting to the ever-changing demands of next generation customers means turning the slot development process on its head. In a rapidly shifting market, nothing less will do. Now more than ever, the quality of graphics, themes and soundtracks is paramount. Many games now live or die by their performance on streaming platforms such as Youtube and Twitch.

Competitors broadcast their games live, providing viewers with a running commentary explaining the gameplay and sharing the experience. This is gaming’s answer to influencer marketing and its importance is growing rapidly. Dungeon: Immortal Evil meets these new requirements head on, redefining the gaming experience for players in search of something fresh.  casinobonus-online